Most Of Your Competitors Are Stuck Doing Things the Old Way

  • Their websites are nothing more than digital brochures
  • They expect customers to do their shopping at physical stores
  • They ignore the selling power of social media
  • They underestimate the power that search engines have over their business
  • They rely on outdated methods to capture leads

Meanwhile ... 93 %

of your customers are searching the internet before deciding to buy or rent the equipment they need.
Source: Equipment World Connectivity Study (2016)

Today, it’s essential to have the right web technology and marketing strategy driving your internet presence to ensure that …

  • Your customers find you online

  • Annual sales increase

  • You outperform your competitors

What you need:

  • Website Transformation
  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Support Mobile Devices
  • Effective Lead Aquisition
  • Streamlined Customer Service
  • Much More ...

Our dedicated team of Internet and Digital Marketing technologists creates the most comprehensive and effective Web Marketing strategy for the Heavy Equipment industry. Our Power Web solution aims to get you more web traffic, more leads and more sales. We are happy to provide you free consultation about your website.

About Power Web:

Power Web is a part of our Heavy Equipment Web Services solution. Power Web provides a fully customizable website and is designed specifically for the heavy equipment dealerships. With our service and solution, you’ll gain the unmatched sales and marketing power in additions to the new website. We are confident that you will recognize the values we provide to your business.

Heavy Equipment of Texas

Happy Customer

Heavy Equipment of Texas

Heavy Equipment of Texas has a long history of providing quality solutions to its customers throughout Texas and its neighboring states. Since its founding, Heavy Equipment of Texas has provided its clients a full line of heavy equipment, parts and services.

The Results:

Heavy Equipment of Texas’ primary goal was reached to maximize customer conversions and consolidate the operations of their four other divisional websites into a single intuitive brand experience. Heavy Equipment of Texas was able to enhance their marketing and sales strategies by providing direct control of their product promotion and streamline their integration with their existing manufacturing offerings.

Features and Benefits:

Professional Website Design

Your new website will no longer be ordinary like everyone else’s. It will reflect your business and set you apart from other dealerships.

Buyer-friendly Virtual Showroom

Power Web’s virtual showroom will impress your customers and provide them detailed information about your equipment listing.

Mobile Devices Ready

Whether your customers are using mobile devices or computers, they will be able to view your website in proper presentation.

Powerful Equipment Search

Your customers can easily find equipment they are looking for. They can browse new and/or used equipment, narrow down the result by price range, keywords, model and more.

Centralized Admin Tool

With integration mode, your equipment will be shown on your website and also marketed on the Machinery Marketplace and other known classified websites in the industry.

Social Media Ready

Power Web made Social Media integration so easy! Advertising your equipment on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is just one click away. Ask us how!

Content Management System

You can create and update your website any time. No delinquencies. No replication delay. Power Web’s Admin Tool is intuitive and so easy to use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Power Web comes with each page optimized for Web Search engines and friendly to Google/Bing crawlers. As your SEO goals change over time, your site can easily be updated to support the changes.

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Website Migration

Migrate existing website

If you’re having a website on other platforms like Machinery Trader, Commercial Web Services etc., we can help you to easily switch over to Power Web and migrate your inventory data.

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